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Sep. 30th, 2005 | 09:01 pm
music: Baseball commentator
posted by: katie__x in tas_05

Hey all! Four of your fellow TAS Bostonians are here :) Well, Calvin Jenny and Yojud are too into baseball right now--we were going to write it together, but they got lost in the game.

Oh! They want to join me now :)

Jenny wants us to tell you guys about our Wellesley bus experience. But I have to write it so they can still watch the game. Ok so the bus experience. Oh yes, what a night. It was our first weekend to escape the billions of trees and trillions of girls, so we went to the parking lot to wait for the bus that takes us to Wellesley. It is called the Senate Bus. Ignore whatever nicknames you may have heard about it. Anyway, over the next like... I don't know 15 minutes? Like 200 girls came out. And then the bus came. The street looks like this:

|                                                                                   <-- A
|   ==========================================
|                                                                                B

The bus was coming in at point A, and was supposed to come around and park at point B, for all the girls (at point C) to pile on. But as soon as the bus appeared at point A, the HORDES OF GIRLS RACED AND PUSHED AND SHOVED TO GET ON THE BUS.

Of course, we werent desperate. So lalala we don't bother and we wait for the next bus. BTW, buses come every 40 minutes. Okay so bus #2 comes.

Repeat previous scene with bus 1.

Do it again for bus 3.

By now it's been 2 hours. But we finally make it for the next bus.
When we got there, all the parties were done.
We were cold, hungry, tired, and VERY dissatisfied.


R A W R ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
But overall, Wellesley has been FUN!

Okay wait that was just what Jenny wanted me to write about.
Now I have asked Yojud to join me.

(but she's still got her mind on baseball. this is gonna take some time.)

"Helloooo evlibawdy!!!!! (weird voice) When I see you again, I will teeach you how to do SELF DEFENSE!!!!!!!!" (turns to ask calvin if he's sad he's hanging out with us instead of his harvard friends) he is. *stares at tv* (says a weird name "GEEYAMBI?" psh. stupid baseball talk. i feel left out).

Gosh this is a failed attempt at a group post.

Maybe I'll just do this later, when they're ... HERE. HOHO!!!

Anyhoo, hope you guys are all doing WELL in your colleges. keep us informed!! :):):)


(i think calvin jenny and yojud love you guys too, but i wouldnt know SINCE THEYRE NOT TALKING TO ME GRRRRR RAHHHHHHHHH POOOOOOOOo)

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from: joiz
date: Oct. 10th, 2005 04:10 am (UTC)

hAHAHHAHA hilarious. pphahahwhhwhahaha

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